Steve Parker



Having won the prestigious Tito Prize in 21018, Steve Parker presented an exhibition titled “War Tuba Recital” in honor of the prize. War tubas were giant tuba like instruments that soldiers listened through in order to detect the sound of approaching enemy airplanes. This was, of course, at a time before functional radar was developed.

Steve Parker, a musician by training, creates art that engages many different categories including installations, sculptures, happenings, and performance events, to name a few. He collects old musical instruments: tubas, clarinets, trumpets, horns. Parker fashions them into novel configurations, and in the process, creates sounds and music never before heard.

“Where is everybody?” Enrico Fermi famously asked in1950. What he meant was, why have we on Planet Earth not seen or heard anything from an alien civilization. According to a rough estimate there are potentially 11 billion planets out there - many within the “Goldilocks” zone that enables life systems. The main impediment seems to be the “speed-of-light” imposed limit on signal transmission. Yet now there are known systems that appear to transcend these limitations, like “Entanglement,” the central principle of the quantum world (Einstein’s description - “spooky action in the distance”). It connects to a previously “entangled” entity immediately and at arbitrary distances, even light years away.

Maybe it will take an unconventional, para-scientific approach based on intuition and creative entanglement to make contact with our cosmic brothers.

Steve Parker will give it a try.