Ryan Hawk



Ryan Hawk is a visual artist whose practice spans sculpture, video and site-specific installation. Previous projects have drawn inspiration from techniques and methodologies found within subcultural practices of horror, experimental film, and BDSM in order to create  alternative corporealities and forms of embodiment. Explicitly engaging representational objectification, Hawk’s work subverts the gaze and viscerally confronts it’s viewers, challenging them to contemplate how structures of power are upheld and fostered within the dominant cultural and social imagination

For the exhibition “Outta Space”, as part of Sculpture Month Houston, Hawk has produced a series of new videos that focus on an interplay between materiality and signification. In the videos, seemingly mundane images––such as that of a table or a chair––slowly ooze and oscillate in-and-out of recognition. By manipulating the boundaries of surface, the work illustrates a mutability of material imaginaries beyond traditional dualisms and binary structures.

Ryan Hawk currently is a fellow at the Core Program, a studio and critical writing residency at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.