Patrick Turk



The biota of a highly advanced, silicon-based civilization in a parallel dimension have reached the limits of their physical development.  In order to evolve new life forms from their own planet, the leaders of this civilization search to increase the physical and emotional diversification of its physiognomies.

A fleet of shapeshifting reconnaissance entities has been assigned to explore and survey planets containing carbon-based life forms in adjacent universes.  By creating a wormhole hub, or stargate plethora, this highly advanced civilization has solved the problems associated with interdimensional travel and signal transmission. Due to the abundance of carbon-based life forms on Earth, this planet had been selected as one of hundreds of planets to conduct assimilation surveys throughout our universe.

The reconnaissance unit is slowly spinning inside a silo filled with an array of wormhole portals leading to multiple alternate dimensions. It receives its visual input through two complex teleidoscopic spheres that function as biometric recorders of organic beings.  As it spins, it will collect data based on the reaction and emotional response of visitors. All data from test site Earth and other terrestrial locations will be sent back to the creator’s home planet for further analysis of life forms throughout the multi-verse.

The transmission of this information will leave data remnants on the walls of the silo, giving visitors a glimpse of themselves as seen through the eyes of an alien civilization.

Patrick Turk is known for his insanely complex paper collages and installations, exploring the sciences and science fiction. He lives and works in Houston.