Nicole Anona Banowetz


The Incubation Effect

Nicole Anona Banowetz is inspired by the natural world. Her interest and affection, however, are not cuddly animals, but the world of viruses, bacteriae, fungi, protozoa or radiolaria. She creates soft inflatable sculptures, enlarging microbes that are mostly invisible to the naked eye to mega macro-world dimensions. This allows the viewer to see and interact emotionally with the fantastical life forms that surround us everywhere and even live in our bodies. 

If we ever find life on another planet or on other cosmic structures, in all likelihood it will be some primitive life form resembling closely the biological organisms this artist is bringing to our attention; in other words it is a preview of coming cosmic attractions.

Banowetz lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She has shown internationally from India to Italy, from Amsterdam to St.Petersburg. She recently showed a large installation at the Denver Museum of Art titled “The Incubation Effect”.