Megan Gafford


Pushing Daisies and Subatomic Chorus

Megan Gafford presents “Pushing Daisies” and “Subatomic Chorus” for this exhibition, two of her works that deal with the environmental effects of radiation.

The artist works in the liminal space between science and art. Many of her works are reflections on the “blind nature” of science, where knowledge can be “the key to the gate of heaven or the gate of hell” (Buddhist proverb). Her installations are based on scientifically inspired experiments, presented within a cultural context that embraces environmental issues.

“Pushing Daisies” illustrates the effect on daisy seeds subjected to high doses of radiation as it happened in Fukushima. The results are daisies that have mutated and are malformed and misshapen. The starkness of these images is in eerie contrast to the classic daisy flowers that are symbols of youthful innocence.

“Subatomic Chorus” is a grouping of Geiger counters that the artist made herself. These machines are sensitive enough to detect the background radiation that bombards us all the time; it comes from outer space, minerals in the earth and nuclear testing and bomb dropping. The Geiger counters chirp every time they detect nuclear radiation, as if they were singing together in a choir.

Megan Gafford lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She currently is a resident at Red Line Contemporary Art Center in Denver.