Mark Dion


Buffalo Bayou Plant Eradication Unit

Mark Dion is one of the most well-regarded living artists today. In his work he

uses scientific methodologies in order to collect, order and exhibit objects. He then subverts the scientific canon and its logical underpinning by atypically ordering his objects and collectibles, thereby creating intuitive and often humorous connections that reverberate with subjective emotions. 

A case in point is the current exhibition Follies at the Storm King’s Center in Upstate New York that it is a major survey of 24 years of his work. Dion has frequently employed the form of the architectural folly- a compact architectural structure to inspire meaning rather than to serve a functional purpose. Inspired by 16th and 17th century Wunderkammer collections he creates intricate tableaus and houses displays of a wide range of often fantastical and delicate objects.

The exhibition will also include Buffalo Bayou Plant Eradication Unit from 2011 that will be part of our “Outta Space” show at the Site Gallery at the Silos after the closing of the Storm Kings exhibition on November 11. The vehicle will then be transported back to Houston and will be parked in the parking lot next to the gallery entrance. It is a functional work truck that serves as a mobile workstation, laboratory, and library. The project serves as an outreach and education tool, raising awareness of the species of invasive plants that threaten its surroundings.

In February of 2020 the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth will open The Perilous Texas Adventures of Mark Dion. Based on the journeys and explorations of early 19th century naturalists and other pioneers, Mark Dion will retrace their footsteps and create a site specific, large scale installation that combines Dion’s own exploits with archival material from the museum’s collection.