Margaux Crump



The heavenly bodies that populate our cosmos are, on closer inspection, really bleak and boring structures. They often consist of rocks of any variety: sedimentary, igneous, paramorphic, and some molten versions for a measure of excitement. Any definitive life form outside of our planet has yet to be discovered. There are tantalizing hints: on the Martian sub-surface, on Jupiter’s moon Europa, on Enceladus circling the planet Saturn, and others.

Is there any amorous frisson anywhere in this bleakness? Margaux Crump seems to think so and she has hope. She has come across some rocks with curious phallic, clitoral or teat-like appendages or outcrops - they may be precursors of an ongoing evolution. The artist also has a collection of rocks and semi precious stones which light up in brilliant colors when they are illuminated by a long-wave ultraviolet light. The scientific explanation may be that the electrons trapped in these rocks are being stimulated and excitedly jump onto the next higher orbit, all the while displaying dance-like jittery movements (Zitterbewegung). Empirically there seems to be a more intense response if an emotionally gifted person interacts.

Margaux Crump is a multi-disciplinary artist residing in Houston.