Margaret Smithers-Crump

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A Question of Balance

Margaret Smithers-Crump’s work focuses on the vulnerability and interconnectedness of the Earth’s diverse life forms and ecosystems. In the late 90s the artist began utilizing recycled plexiglas and polycarbonate, because she found these substances being very versatile to work with. The glass-like appearance implies the possibility of breakage and shattering, a metaphor for the tenuous existence of all life.

Her installation consists of three circular, wheel-like structures of about 9 foot diameter each, that are placed within the cylindrical architecture of a Silo unit - two will be on opposite walls and one will be placed on the floor. Each spherical work refers to some of the great cycles of nature. The biosphere embodies the living and interconnected organisms of the dry land, the hydrosphere references the oceans and emphasizes it’s crucial role as the genesis and generator of the food chain and finally the carbon cycle represents one of the most important biochemical cycles interacting with all other cyclical ecosystems.

The artist lives and works in Houston.