Lina Dib


There is No Going Back

Lina Dib's new multi-channel sound installation focuses on survival - species survival, human survival and our planets survival. The second part of a sonic triptych, this installation expands her recent work North to South And Back. The triptych focuses on migration and the biological phenomenon of Zugunruhe, a word used to describe a certain kind of restlessness animals exhibit when they feel the compulsion to migrate.

Zugunruhe is not the only force driving populations to traverse perilous distances in order to thrive. The bird species featured in this piece are in decline due to climate change, habitat encroachment and deforestation. Acting as ghosts in the system and sentinels for the future are also recordings of song birds that are extinct. Added to the choruses of endangered and extinct birds are sounds of outer space recorded by NASA, suggesting that humans may be looking to space for potential migration sites as we test the limits of our survival here on Earth. There Is No Going Back speaks of catastrophe while amplifying the spectacles of nature. The silos act as sonic bridges between extinction and memory, outer space and imagination. The work is part of an ongoing reflection on how we survive loss, enact change and project ourselves into the future.

Lina Dib is a multidisciplinary artist and anthropologist. She has dedicated her art career to investigating the complexities of sound, installation, and ecological and environmental issues among others. She is currently a teacher and fellow at Rice University in the Program in Writing and Communication and the Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences.