Jonathan Read



The survival of the human race has been called into question by recent developments such as overpopulation, environmental catastrophe or annihilation through nuclear warfare. Add to this dystopian mix the dawn of an AI robot generation as our overlords and you have Jonathan Read fleshing out plausible scenarios for the future fate of mankind. 

Fleeing the servitude and brutality of quantum brained robots, the surviving tribes of the Homo sapiens species fled their home planet and set up colonies throughout the cosmos. A certain alien species, the Meanyur-Mono-Gor, developed a taste for eating human flesh as their sole food source and their craving for this otherworldly delicacy led them to a fierce chase throughout the universe over oceans of stars. Most of that species died in pursuit of their prey as they burrowed in and clung to their interstellar vessels. 

Over a millennium of eating exclusively humans, the Meanyur-Mono-Gor began to take on the worst of its prey’s characteristics (greed, free will, love etc.) as its DNA began to rapidly mutate. This specimen was captured by an Arracksian circus vessel after devouring the last remaining human colony on Cleve-Non 7 in the Outer Uber Nebula system. 

Now, this lone, unruly creature (and its larvae offspring, which have become its primary food source) may contain the key to resurrect the extinct human race.

Jonathan Read lives and works in Houston.