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Detail 1

Jill Bedgood, Even Song, 2017

The site specific installation “Even Song” honors the Silo itself.  The residue of its use informed the interventionist art:  holes indicating attached placement of signs and equipment, stains formed by water and rust, site location and instructional drawings on the walls, window-like openings for operations, the metal funnel ceiling as conduit for storage.  Silently contemplating the space, the marks were reminiscent of constellation diagrams inspiring the navigational device of a sextant. 1000 hand applied gold leaf sheets on the ceiling funnel, with inverted dome and oculus reminiscent of the Pantheon, pays homage to its significance.  A non-existent sign instructed the image of the lunar cycle with text, even song morning light. Moths signify metamorphosis. The key replaces the word exit above the doorway. “Even Song” reflects on the transition of conversion between waning light and waxing darkness as a metaphor for human experiences of transformation.

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