Henry G. Sanchez


bayou entanglements

Henry G. Sanchez is an interdisciplinary, social practice artist who observes, documents, and is often proposing bio-remediation strategies in polluted creeks and canals. His special interest is the ecosystem of Buffalo Bayou and its tributaries.

In these turbid waters exists a complex system of native, endangered and invasive species, all co-existing together. One of the most memorable creatures is the archaic looking fish, with the scientific name Pterygoplichthys, actually an invasive species introduced from South America. The Pterygoplichthys feeds on algae and algae-encrusted debris and arguably contributes to a less toxic environment for the other inhabitants. The question is whether this “invasive” or “migrant” species is detrimental for the native species or, by developing viable adaptive synergies, actually supports the existing biosphere.   

This coexistence of different species living in the murky waters of our bayou system could be considered an allegory about the “celebrated “diversity of Houston’s citizenry who live and work together.