Cindee Klement


The World of Hum

Cindee Klement’s installation “World of Hum” is part of a body of  work that focuses on environmentally sensitive issues. It highlights the increasing disappearance of bees as pollinators and its deleterious effect on various plant species and on agricultural production.

The artist presents her vision of wild native bees and their natural habitat constructed out of baling wire, hydro stone and rusty wire cloth. This structure then is suspended from the ceiling and it is slowly twisting around propelled by the air movement. A directed light is the only source of illumination, casting soft shadows onto the white silo wall.

As this kinetic sculpture turns, ghostly biomorphic images appear and slowly wander across the white wall surface until they fade away. And then here they are, very distinctly: the shadows of bees coming into sharp focus, linger, then disappear, but coming back again and again. There is hope.

Cindee Klement lives and works in Houston.