Abhidnya Ghuge



Abhidnya Ghuge transforms disposable paper plates, either new or recycled, into immersive installations. Some are imprinted with wood block patterns that are inspired by Indian henna designs or organic forms found in nature. Wire frames are used as the basic matrix by which the folded paper plates are suspended in and kept in place. These seemingly light weight, yet complex structures are suspended overhead and hover shakily over and around the visitor passing through. The precariousness of these floating elements can be seen as a metaphor for the vulnerability of one’s personal life and that of the planet as a whole.

This ordinary silo here is being transformed into a spatial field with distinct psychological dimensions. It lets the viewer experience space as a precious resource, not just as a limitless commodity. Ghuge’s installation, within the concept of this exhibition, serves as a link for the transition from the environmental issues part to visions of alternative worlds.

Abhidnya Ghuge was a physician in her native India. She embarked on a second career as a multidisciplinary installation artists after she came to this country. She currently teaches at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Tyler.